Welcome. I am the author of Universal Time, a sci-fi urban comedy;
Beaufort 1849, an historical novel set in antebellum South Carolina;
and In the Land of Porcelain, an urban comedy set in present-day San Francisco.

Saturday, December 30, 2023

In the Land of Porcelain is out! It can be purchased in paperbook or ebook on-line, or it can ordered at any bookstore. Audiobook version coming soon!

When Sara's husband, Mark, goes to law school on the East Coast, Sara moves in with her mercurial sister because she's just gotten promoted at her job and doesn't want to leave San Francisco. It's manageable. She and Mark will both focus on their careers and temporarily be BCDR, that's all-bi-coastal, dual rental. To keep busy Sara begins City Buddha-Mind walking and volunteers at a domestic violence shelter. But after Aaron, a high-powered consultant, offers to mentor her, Sara soon realizes her life isn't as under control as she thought it was. Set in the early 1990's, In the Land of Porcelain is a young woman's roller-coaster journey to self-discovery, deeper love, and breaking free. 

"Karen Allen has written a story of a woman waking up to her life, and waking up, and waking up--with help and distractions from a host of three-dimensional, fascinating characters. It's a moving book, a funny one, and even an inspiring one."--Tonya Edwards