Welcome. I am the author of Universal Time, a sci-fi urban comedy;
Beaufort 1849, an historical novel set in antebellum South Carolina;
and Pearl City Control Theory, a comedy of manners set in present-day San Francisco.

Friday, February 20, 2015

Universal Time Available for Pre-Order on Kindle

If you're a Kindle reader, Universal Time, is now available for pre-order. Release date is March 6th. Paperback edition should be out that date as well, and can be ordered then from any bookstore, all on-line booksellers, etc.

From the back cover:

Cait could’ve forgiven Atraxis for plucking her off the streets of San Francisco, but moving in upstairs was just too much. As a divorced mother, she had enough troubles with her children and her job creating affordable housing. She didn’t need aliens hounding her for the Tamaranth, the ancient crown of Trajallax. (Why, why had Jupeernis stolen the Tamaranth and hidden it in her jaw so that Atraxis had to hunt her down to retrieve it?)

Yes, Atraxis might be an intergalactic conflict mediator. Yes, he might come from an incredibly advanced society whose language was music; yes, he might travel across the universe in minutes and turn his skin blue at will. But none of this meant she had time to go gallivanting to other galaxies with him. Nor did she want to marry him and have his (blue) child.

And now her former sister-in-law was dating Atraxis’s former brother-in-law (this could get ugly), her daughter was having ADD problems at school, and her ex-husband was dropping his baby off for her to watch so that he could go antiquing with his new wife. Yes, the universe might be knocking at her door, but she had no time to answer.
Universal Time—a sci-fi urban comedy that will transport you across the universe and back again.

Friday, February 13, 2015

Sneak Peak of New Novel

Sneak Peak of the cover for my new novel, Universal Time.

 A sci-fi urban comedy, out in early March!