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Beaufort 1849, an historical novel set in antebellum South Carolina;
and Pearl City Control Theory, a comedy of manners set in present-day San Francisco.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What If

 Questions on my mind lately—

What if the measure of our life is not wealth, status, or prestige but our moments of connection—with others, with nature, with the universe?

What if happiness cannot be achieved in and of itself but occurs as a by-product of health, connections and deep alignment with our true nature?

What if the greater our rate of consumption—of goods, energy, even experiences—the more dissatisfied we become?

What if no one can give us health, but instead we create it through diet, habits, and thoughts? (Plus access to clean water and effective communal sanitation.)

What if the more media we imbibe the less clearly we think?

What if the faster we go, the less we achieve? Is there a point of stillness around which our life turns?

What if good karma is created by kindness and bad karma by its absence?

What if the state of the world reflects the state of our consciousness, our soul?

(photo credit:  Peter Stamats)